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Drinking Water FAQ
What is the hardness of the Brodhead’s water?
It is 290 milligrams per liter or 16.96 grains of hardness.

How much iron is in Brodhead’s water?
The iron content in our water supply is 0.11 milligrams per liter.

What is the PH level of Brodhead’s water?
The PH level of the water supply is 7.9 standard units.

What is added to Brodhead’s drinking water?
Brodhead Water & Light disinfects our water with chlorine, per state mandates of .78 parts per million, average.

Do I have to worry about lead in Brodhead’s water?  No - we also test regularly for water contaminants and report them to the Wisconsin DNR. If you would like your water tested, you can call the Wisconsin Lab of Hygiene at (608) 262-1293 and request a test kit at your cost.

Why does my drinking water taste like chlorine?  Disinfection occurs at both of our production wells as a requirement of state and federal regulatory agencies. It is important to emphasize that the disinfectant we use is commonly used throughout the water industry and our use is strictly monitored and poses no health risks. Trace amounts of this disinfectant are typically unnoticeable, but all of our senses are different. If you are able to notice the taste in the public water supply, you can place the drinking water in a pitcher, as the chlorine will volatilize and leave the drinking water in a short time. 

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.  Brodhead Water & Light issues an annual report describing the quality of your drinking water. The purpose of this report is to raise your understanding of drinking water sources and its potential contaminates. This report provides an overview of last year’s drinking water quality. Click here to view the most recent quality report.  If you would like any additional information regarding our water supply, please contact us.