Digger's Hotline

Thanks to everyone that uses the 811 or Digger’s Hotline before you dig in the ground.

Here is a little known fact that you may not know about Digger’s Hotline.  When you call in a locate, Digger’s will contact all the participating utilities in that area to locate their facilities. Usually that list is: electric, water, sewer, gas, phone and cable companies.

They do not locate facilities that they do not own or are responsible for. This list would include: your buried electric dog fence, private electric going to a shed, garage or light from your house, an underground sprinkler system, the propane gas line going from the tank to the house, the customer owned portion of the water lateral from the curb stop to the house, the customer owner portion of the sewer lateral. The homeowner would be responsible to locate those facilities and if they don’t, would be responsible for any damage to those facilities. Digger’s Hotline is a free service for those who call in a locate. The member utilities pay a fee (per locate) to Digger’s Hotline for being sent the notice to locate. The Digger’s Hotline website has some more information on this topic under frequently asked questions.