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Your utility bill has many different codes on them.  Here are the definitions:

E1   = Electric Meter
ERC = Electric Residential Fixed Charge
ERU = Electric Residential Usage Charge
E2   = Electric 2 Usage
ECC = Electric Commercial Fixed Charge
ECU = Electric Commercial Usage Charge
ESC = Electric Small Power Fixed Charge
ESU = Electric Small Power Usage Charge
ESN = Electric On Peak Charge
ESF = Electric Off Peak Charge
ES1 = Small Power Demand Charge
ES3 = Small Power Distribution Demand Charge
DEL = Demand Energy Limiter - Small Power
LM  = On Peak Demand Charge
EN  = Small Power Peak Demand Charge
ELC = Industrial/Large Power Fixed Charge
ELU = Electric Large Power Usage
EL3 = Industrial/Large Power Distribution Demand Charge
PD  = Primary Meter Discount
TD  = Transformer Ownership Discount
YLC = Yard Light Usage Charge
YF  = Yard Light Fixed Charge
SLU = Street Light Usage Charge
SLC = Street Light Fixed Charge
PC  = Power Cost Adjustment Charge
PB  = Public Benefits Charge - Residential/Commercial
RW  = Renewable Energy
LA  = Large Power/Industrial PCAC
CP  = Public Benefits CP 1-3
WT  = Water Meter
WTC = Water Fixed Charge
WTU = Water Usage Charge
TX  = Sales Tax
EP  = Electric Penalty
WP  = Water Penalty