Brush Pick-up and Compost Hours


City Compost Site/Brush Pick up

City Compost Site opens April 1st
Hours: Monday 2:00 to 5:00   Thursday 3:00 to 6:00   Saturday 10:00 to 2:00
Brush, leaves and grass clippings only. Brush must be separated from leaves and grass. Only refuse from within the city limits is allowed.
Compost is available for residential use only. Not for commercial use.

Brush pick up is the second Monday of the month (April thru September).

In order for the city to efficiently and safely provide the service of curb side brush pick up, please follow these guidelines:
Larger sized brush (maximum length of 6 foot) must be placed in the terrace in (preferably tied) bundles (a manageable size for one person to pick up).
Smaller pieces of brush such as twigs must be placed in yard waste paper bags.
The city will only pick up bags that have brush in them. Grass, leaves, garden waste and any other form of waste will not be collected by the city.
Do not use plastic bags, boxes or trash containers.
You can haul your brush, leaves and grass clippings to the city compost site during the open hours. Questions? Call the Brodhead Street Department at 897-4384. 

Brodhead Leaf Pick-up

We will start picking up leaves around the week of October 12th.
However, you can haul your leaves to the compost site during these
extended hours due to covid-19.
Monday thru Sunday 8:00 AM to dark.

Please do not leave plastic bags or other garbage at the compost site.

If you want leaves picked up, you must follow these guidlines:

  • Leaves only. No garbage, animal waste, grass, brush, rocks or other foreign items mixed in. Items other than leaves can plug and damage the equipment which you could be liable for.
  • Leaves must be raked to edge of curb or street in windrows away from trees, posts and other objects. If the machine can’t reach your leaves they will not be picked up.

 Do not put leaves in gutter or in the street. Leaves release phosphorus when they break down and decompose, representing one of the largest sources of urban phosphorus pollution. When left in the street gutters, a phosphorus-rich tea is produced that easily washes down storm drains and directly into our rivers and lakes. You can help by raking leaves from the street curb in front of your home, and then composting them or placing them on the street terrace for pick up.

To ensure your leaves are picked up, please have all leaves out to the street as soon as possible.
 Leaves put out after November 20th may be too late for pick up.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Brodhead Public Works