Brodhead Elderly Emergency Monitoring System Program


Brodhead Elderly Emergency Monitoring System (BEEMS)

            Started by the Brodhead Police Department in October of 1995, to better serve members of our aging or disabled community, the BEEMS program was modeled after companies who offer similar personal emergency response and home medical alert systems.  Just like these other companies, the BEEMS program allows our members to remotely summons Brodhead Police, Fire and/or EMS, in an emergency, at the touch of button.

            However, unlike these other companies, there is no “middle person”. Once our members activate their BEEMS unit, they are connected directly to the Brodhead Police Department’s 9-1-1 Dispatch Center.  Thus, the time it takes to get emergency personnel to our members is greatly reduced.

Who is Eligible to be a BEEMS Member?

First, in order to allow for timely response and due to law enforcement jurisdictional restrictions, BEEMS services can only be offered to citizens residing in;

  • The corporate limits of the City of Brodhead.
  • For residents of the Green County Townships of Decatur and Spring Grove, members must reside within 2 miles of the City limits.
  • Sorry, we cannot provide this service to residents of the Rock County Townships of Spring Valley, Magnolia or Avon.

Next, Members must have a landline (aka regular phone line) through Frontier or Spectrum (aka Charter). Sorry, the BEEMS program currently cannot accept Members who only use a cellphone.

Finally, this program is meant to help those people who live at home with independence and comfort, who may otherwise have to consider moving to a retirement or assisted living community.              

How Does the BEEMS Program Work?

             Members of the BEEMS program receive an auto dialer unit which is attached to their phone line. In addition Members receive 2 alert buttons (1 pendant type and 1 water resistant wristband).  The auto dialer is programmed by the Brodhead Police Department to dial the Brodhead Police Department’s 9-1-1 Dispatch Center. It is also programmed with a pre-recorded message that tells the name of the member and their address. The member also gets an outside key box installed, so the public safety agency can gain entry into their home, without having to break a window or a door, if the member is unable to open the door. Finally, the Brodhead Police will collect the names and contact information of the people they would like contacted in case of emergency.

            Once a member pushes the alert button, either on the pendant or the wristband, an alarm is activated and the BEEMS unit will automatically dial 9-1-1. An alarm will sound on the BEEMS unit until the 9-1-1 Dispatcher answers the call. At the Brodhead Police Department’s 9-1-1 Dispatch Center the member’s name and address will automatically appear before the Dispatcher picks up the phone. However, once the Dispatcher does pick up they will hear the pre-recorded message giving the member’s name and address.  In addition the Dispatcher can talk with the member, or if there is no voice contact with the member, the Dispatcher can hear what is going on in the background.

            No matter what a Brodhead Police Officer will be sent to the Member’s address, even if it is an accidental activation. However, if there is a problem the 9-1-1 Dispatcher will get the appropriate public safety agency to respond to our member’s aid.

                Once a month a Brodhead Police Community Service Officer will visit each member. The Community Service Officer will ensure the BEEMS unit and alert buttons are working properly.  In addition, the Community Service will help our member check their smoke detectors in the spring and fall to ensure they too are working properly.

                The cost for this extra piece of mind, is $15 per month. However, we also accept donations to assist in purchasing new auto dialers, batteries to provide backup power to the auto dialer and alter buttons.

What if I have more questions or what to become a BEEMS Member?

            Contact the Brodhead Police Department at (608) 897-2112, any time, day or night. One of our Dispatchers will be happy to assist you.