Business Owner,

The BID Board would like to remind businesses that the United States

flag should be displayed the following days on First Center Avenue:

*May 18th ~ Armed Forces Day

*May 27th ~ Memorial Day

*June 14th ~ Flag Day

*July 4th ~ Independence Day

*September 2nd ~ Labor Day

*October 14th ~ Columbus Day

*November 5th ~ Election Day

*November 11th ~ Veterans Day

Please show consideration and care for our flag.  She has a long history

of protecting The United States of America!  Please display the flag

outdoors in the holder in the sidewalk.  Bring the flag indoors so it does 

not get stolen.  Please do not put the flag outside when it is raining, 

snowing or adverse weather conditions.  During the wintertime, we 

ask that you keep the snow away from the barrels.  If you have

any questions, please email:

American flag - First Center Ave